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Glossary of current hybrid car topics


Hybrid : Vehicle that has a electric motor and gas powered engine.

Electric Car : A vehicle containing a rechargeable battery operating an electric motor.

Hybrid Plug-In : A hybrid vehicle which can be plugged into an electrical outlet, recharging the battery.

Flex Fuel Car : A vehicle that can run on a combination of alternative fuels and gas or ethanol.

Ethanol : Type of fuel which burns cleaner than traditional gasoline. Common sources come from corn, wheat & barley.

Hydrogen : The element which charges fuel cells in hydrogen cars with the hope of creating a zero emission fuel.

BioDiesel : Combines traditional diesel fuel with resources like canola oil, soybean, and other natural resources.

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Hybrid cars are eco-friendly and fuel efficient forms of transportation. Hybrid Car owners gain an average of 9 miles per gallon over conventional cars. Not only are hybrid cars more fuel friendly, but they are also lower emission producing. The new line of plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles, flex fuel cars all make for a more eco-friendly form of transportation. HybridTips.com offers many resources for current or potential hybrid car owners. Here you can price out the current hybrid cars. Read the most recent automotive & hybrid related news articles. You can even find out the latest tips & techniques that other hybrid car owners share with us weekly. Regardless what your reason is for stopping by. We appreciate your time & hope to offer you the best source of hybrid tips online.

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Below we offer a free price guide for conventional or hybrid cars. Enter the desired hybrid car & compare miles per gallon, price, styles, etc... Great starting place for potential hybrid owners.

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